Our new approach is to utilize CRISPR and other gene targeting tools to target genetic mutations in cancer. Different than the current immunotherapies which targeting tumor associated and tumor specific expressions on the cancer cell surfaces, the new method targets driver mutations intracellularly at nucleic acid level such as DNA, RNA. This oncogenesis/driver marker targeting does not allow cancer cells to escape in the ways they evade immunotherapies by hiding surface receptors, or using different survival pathways. Therefore, this precision targeting platform can potentially convert many cancers currently are undruggable to be druggable, improving quality of life for many cancer patients.

We have successfully demonstrated the concept in the lab, next phase we will further optimize system and demonstrate precision tumor control in mouse models for different cancers. Hopefully in a few years we can bring this new precision cancer treatment system to the hospitals.

On the pediatric brain tumor front, we also established collaborating relationship with multiple medical groups such as Linda Liau’s neurosurgery department at UCLA, and Okada’s lab at UCSF to advance the technology clinically.

If you are interesting learning more about this exciting technology or like in be part of this high rewarding effort in any capacity, please contact us: info@sense-tx.com

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